In your dashboard click EMAIL MESSAGING > SEND EMAIL MESSAGES. Once there, click on +New Email Message button (

) at the top to create a new message. You'll notice the steps at the top that you have to take to send your email.

Step 1: Sending Info - This is where you'll put in the sending or from information for your email.

Step 2: Pick a Template
- This is where you'll pick a template for your email message.

Step 3: Edit your Content - This is where you'll edit the different parts of your template. To do so, simply click on the edit section (

) button in each section. Also, you can send yourself previews along the way by clicking the Preview button at the top (


Step 4: Sending To - In this step, you can choose who the email will go to. Either your entire list, or different groups.

Step 5: Send - This is where you can send the email message right away, schedule it for later, or just save it and come back to it later.

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