An account becomes frozen when you've run out of messages. When frozen, you'll remain on our store page until you purchase additional messages at which time you'll gain back full access to your account.

Why did this happen?
There are a lot of reasons why this could have happened. The most popular are:

  • Your keyword received more action than you planned for.
  • You bought a keyword but forgot to buy text message credits.
  • You sent a blast and received more stops than expected.
  • You forgot to check in and purchase additional messages.
  • You had auto-renew turned off.
  • You left a message pack in your shopping cart and never fully checked out.

How do I prevent this?
In the future, we recommend buying more messages than you think you'll need or use the auto-renew feature so your messages don't run out. Auto-renew can be turned on when you make a purchase or later under SETTINGS > BILLING SETTINGS.

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