Opt Out Rates
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You may have noticed in your account that you have an opt-out percentage, this shows your current opt-out rate and might help you to understand how well your messages are doing. 

The industry average opt-out percentage is currently at or below 3%. 

We understand there are different use cases for each customer. Some may have seasonal businesses, others revolving customers - we get it. 

Below 3%
If your opt our rate is in this group, your account is at par or below the industry average. Good work!

Between 3% - 5%
At this level, you're a bit higher than the average. You should review your account and messages and see why people are opting out. Also, be sure to review your opt-in procedures to ensure you're getting written consent from your customers. Lastly, ensure you're not sending messages to old or stale data. 

Above 5%
At this level, it's best to review all of your past messages and procedures. Does this seem reasonable for your business type? What could you do to lower this number?

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