What is enhanced messaging?

With enhanced messaging, you can send inline photos and longer messages.

Does it cost extra?

Enhanced messages cost two (2) message credits but come loaded with the ability to send an image and/or a message up to 300 characters in length. So, if you send to a list of 10 people, an enhanced message would be 20 message credits, whereas a standard text message would be 10 credits. 

How do I send a STANDARD message?

In order to send a standard message, which only costs one (1) message credit, you have to keep the message below 160 characters and not include an image. Here is a sample below:

How will I know I'm sending an ENHANCED message?
When you're editing a text message and you go over 160 characters in length, or you add an image, the entire editor will turn blue. Also, you will see an alert at the bottom. Here is a sample below:

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