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It's saying I don't have enough credits to send. Why?
It's saying I don't have enough credits to send. Why?
Updated over a week ago

When this message shows up, our system has determined you're about to send a message that exceeds the number of available credits you have.

Some very common reasons include the following:

1. Enhanced Message

You're trying to send an enhanced message (which costs 2 credits per person).

  • For example - You have 10 message credits left, and you're sending to 7 people, but the message is an ENHANCED message (which costs 2 credits per person). You would need 14 credits to send this. If you were to make this a standard message, it would send.

2. Sending to too many people

You're trying to send a text message to more people than you have credits. Or, you think you're sending it to a group but have it set to go to all contacts.

What do you do?

  • Review your usage
    The first check should be your usage report. We are very transparent on credit usage and will show it in your report. Please go to MY REPORTS > ACCOUNT USAGE REPORT and look over your usages to see where you're using up credits. We break it all down and show you the totals at the top.

  • Check your credits
    Secondly, on your main DASHBOARD page, you'll see the green box at the top that lets you know how many credits you have left - both in your plan and additional. You can also view this info by going to SETTINGS > BILLING HUB.

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