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Why is consent important with texting?
Why is consent important with texting?
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We feel it’s our responsibility to be transparent with you about the responsibilities of sending text messages. As the text message sender, it is your responsibility to secure consent. This is not legal advice. It’s only our way of giving you a head’s up. Consult with your legal counsel if you have additional questions.

Why do I have to get consent?

You cannot send text messages just because you have someone’s number — you have to have consent. The Federal Communications Commission (”FCC”) enforces rules under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (”TCPA”) to protect consumers from unwanted calls or text messages. Most of the rules are pretty simple, but organizations that call or text consumers should know about them. Violation of the TCPA is a serious matter, with statutory damages between $500-$1,500 per violation (text or call).

What are the benefits of consent?

Having consent creates a trusted connection between you and the audience you're texting, ultimately increasing comfort levels and decreasing opt-outs. These will be your very best contacts, people that want to hear from you, your raving fans. They will tell others about you and help you grow your list over time the right way.

Read more in our guide to texting consent.

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