We constantly monitor our sending and delivery rates to the mobile carriers to provide our customers with the absolute best delivery.

When sending a text message, our system will queue the messages and send them to the mobile carriers for delivery to your contacts. Final message delivery does come down to the mobile carrier and the particular handset(s).

Common Reasons

Here are some common reasons why messages might not be delivered to your contacts.

An issue with a particular phone

  • Poor Connection - Mobile phones can lose their connection or have a really weak connection. Also, sometimes the carrier can't reach the phone to deliver the message - even after we automatically retry a few times. Think of a subway in NYC.

  • Account Issue - There could be an issue with the contact's account, or their phone could be temporarily suspended for a particular reason.

  • Number Block - Most carriers and handsets today allow consumers to block getting messages from any number. If this is the case, they may not get your message. Also, if a contact has opted out, they will not get your message. Lastly, if a contact was previously deleted and then added back, they may not get your message.

> Please send our support team the number, and they'll review our logs.

Carrier outage

From time to time, a carrier may have an outage causing messages not to deliver correctly.

> Check our status page for any current alerts.

Message content being flagged

The mobile carriers check for specific content they may not be ok with being on their network. For example, are you using a shortened URL from a third-party provider? Sometimes, mobile carriers flag messages with links from popular providers due to the increased chance of spam.

Are you violating our acceptable use policy and sending content that is not allowed?

> Try sending the message again with the full URL in the message, instead. Also, double-check our acceptable use policy for compliance.

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