My contacts are not uploading?
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If you're getting an error, discrepancy, or your contacts are not uploading, it's very likely one of these reasons below.
Please remember, we scrub against your opted-out contacts, invalid contacts, our internal do not message list, and we remove all duplicates.

The most common reasons

  1. The file is not saved as a CSV file in our EXACT format. Double-check your file. If it ends in .xls, .xlsx, or .numbers, it's not correct. You can download the exact template here. Please keep our columns and titles in place and just paste in your data under the correct column. For example, phone numbers should be in column a, the first column on the file.

  2. Your file is less than 5,000 lines of data.

  3. Your data contains special characters, especially COMMAs. You can do a find and replace and look for characters like ('`\-_ / ,). Please ensure your data is clean and consistent.

  4. You have extra spaces after or before the phone numbers. Extra spaces can mess up the upload. It should just be 10 digits in the phone column.

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